Celtic Highland Festival

So, just what goes on at a Celtic Festival you ask? Let's see... this was Sunday, October 29, 2000 at the Richmond, VA raceway.


There is the judging of the Clan representations. This is taken very seriously. These guys were great! Played great and looked great.



Then there was the caber event... if you don't know, you won't believe me! But here goes... They cut down these trees... trim off the branches... the trees now are 16-22 feet long and between 80-120 pounds. It takes three guys to 'walk the tree' to the person who is going to pick it up and toss it!


If you look carefully, you will see a guy holding a tree. Yes, the cute one in the skirt! Figure he's 6 feet and the spot where it says 'Top' is the top of the pole, the real live tree goes a little higher. Yeah, right, he's going to pick this thing up and toss it!


Can you believe that!!!

The object is to throw it up so it goes end over end and lands 12 o'clock away from you. It represents in old times when in battle they had to cross a stream in a hurry and made a makeshift foot bridge.



This was the presentation of all the clans and their colors. Each clan had their own tent, heritage, family tree, sample colours and then lined up to show them off. It was beautiful!


This group decided on a picnic right there.


It was definitely a family event for everyone in the family. This lady doesn't realize she is about to run out of leash and be taken for a walk the other way!


Tents of vendors and food. Every kind of food imaginable. Scottish meat pies, haggies, fish & chips, short bread, highland beef, Irish coffee...


Did I mention the food? They even let the Aussie's in with the Bloomin Onion.


The kids loved the animals. Including me. These cattle are just so adorable.


I was ready for a nap right here!


Then there was camp, set up the way it used to be.


With explanations of the old ways.


How we got there....


And how we survived.


She was frying beef for the pot of stew. It looked delicious.


Future river dancers...


A rock band with electric bagpipes and a violin. Plus the usual guitar, bass and drums. The were awesome, packed the house, er tent and as close as I could get was about 150 feet!


Weavers spinning yard and explaining the process from start to finish.


The whiskey tasting tent!



On to the Celtic Jewelry!